Jan 2, 2013

Nankhatai/Indian Tea Biscuits

Those of you from my hometown Coimbatore must have definitely relished Soospari biscuits from the bakeries in Coimbatore. I am not even sure if I have got the spelling right. For those of you who have never heard about it, they are Indian tea biscuits that we find commonly in bakeries in Coimbatore. 

For me, there was nothing particularly special about these biscuits, that is until I left Coimbatore for work. Although I have never visited a bakery just to buy these biscuits, I remember always picking up a few, whenever I went to buy something else, now I guess that makes it quite special. :) 

So many times I have searched in Google looking for the correct name and recipe for these maida biscuits and have never found them, the closest was a kind of Italian cookie called "Sospari". May be that is it? I have no clue!, that is until I came across the recipes for Nan Khatai from Divya Kudua's Easy Cooking blog.   It was too familiar so I had to try that and feed my nostalgia!

When I mentioned about making soosparis to my mom, she instantly said the recipe would call for maida flour and sugar, so may be Nankhatai is Soospari? I don't know, But if any of you know or remember something, please leave a comment :)

I adopted the fourth Nankhatai recipe by Divya, the recipe can be found here, I have not modified anything from the original recipe. Just baked it for an extra 3 minutes which gave the biscuits a nice golden tint. 

And the verdict, I guess Divya can now stop looking for more recipes for Nankhatai, they were just so perfect, crispy, sugary and just melted in my mouth. All my friends liked it too and they were more than happy to pack up the left over cookies home.

Hope you guys enjoy making and eating this sometime too.


  1. Lovely cookies.Happy that you have addedd mine in your blog list.Become a memmber in my blog if you wish.

  2. Happy new year wishes to you and your family.Very attractive nankhattais.

  3. They look so perfect...crunchy and yum...