Feb 26, 2011

Butternut Squash and Masoor Dhal Kootu

Oh Gosh, I really wish there had been more vegetables on earth! :) Yes, I easily get bored of cooking and eating the same vegtables repeatedly for curry/sabzi. If this was the case in India, imagine in Auckland. There are not much green vegetables here, all we get is the so called english veggies, beets, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers and etc. P.S: bottle gourd, ridge gaurd, bitter gaurd, drumstick etc :(  I miss you all! 

So In my utter frustration I ended up picking this Buttercup(Butternut Squash?) from the supermarket which I 'd never even bothered to look at, back in India!

I tried making kootu using this and masoor dhal(red lentils) and it turned out yummy!

And yes, the natural colors looked really beautiful tempting me to click before cooking!

Masoor Dhal and Buttercup Kootu

Colourful Goodness of Buttercup and Masoor Dhal!

To make this you will need:  (Sorry, but the measurements are all approximate! )

Masoor dhal - 1 cup
Buttercup chopped into small cubes - 2 cups
1 Whole tomato
1/2 big onion chopped
redchilles, mustard seeds, few garlic cloves, few pepper corns, curry leaves, coriander powder, salt, oil, turmeric powder and some cumin seeds for tempering and seasoning.

 Here goes the reipe:

Pressure cook chopped butter cup along with  whole tomato(roughly chopped) and masoor dhal with salt, a tsp of oil and 1/2 a tsp turmeric powder.

In a pan, heat a tbsp of oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, cuury leaves and let that splutter. add red chillies and onion and garlic cloves. Once it is cooked add the cooked dhal mixture and add all the seasonings, adjusting to taste.

Serve hot with roti or rice. 

Served with Roti and Beetroot Radish Sabzi

Sending this to MLLA 36 contest, hosted by Susan and Aqua


  1. Thanks for ur encouraging words Prabha, u have a lovely space, this kootu looks absolutely wonderful..

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    Are you living in New Zealand?
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  3. That' a fab combo- looks so comfy n delicious!

    US Masala

  4. @Priya, thanks for dropping by!
    @aipi, you bet, comfy is the right word.
    @tongchen , Yes I do, thanks! :)